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❅Contact Post for [community profile] cerealia

((Audio, video, text, attached files, random action spam, go crazy.))

[Jack didn't bother to record his own message. So you'll be received by the regular answer machine voice.]
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Your messages are so sweet.
Why are you so obsessed?
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For a five year old.

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[ 2/11 ] text. yeah prepare yourself (1/???)

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[ wake up in the morning like--

--why in thor's name does it feel like niflheim (or berk, pick one) in here. hiccup thinks very positive things about jack but when his toast isn't toasty and is more like frosty he really has to send a text. ]

I like what you did with the Toaster.
Though I haven't quite figured out how that happened without me noticing.

[ no seriously that's the only explanation why else would breakfast be basically an icecube. ]
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i'm a loser and couldn't wait

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[ yeah, a little later, when he goes to grab the OJ: ]

Wow, the Fridge too. I'm impressed.
Uh, what was it that people use in texts again?
Right, TY (that means thank you) for that laugh. It was clever, thing that should be cold inside being cold outside too. I almost didn't realize!
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what's cooler than cool?

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[ ??? the couch?? this hit amusing and now it's hitting questionable: ]

Aaand the couch.
Is there anything in this house that you didn't get? It's going to take forever to warm this stuff up again.
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[ help. ]

Toothless rolling all over it isn't helping.
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Though I'm sure you'd like to know that he enjoyed that throughly.
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people just need to chill out.

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[ !!!!?????

okay now this is just weird because toothless doesn't seem to notice anything, he feels crazy, and he thinks jack probably wouldn't go this far. ]

Okay. We give! I've considered plasma blasting the couch.
We are not plasma blasting the couch.

[ !!!!??!?!?! ]
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this is just breaking the ice, really

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[ …. ]

Is there an, I don't know, "off" spell or something? I don't really know how the Jack Frost magic works with the stuff you freeze, so…
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freeze, it's the police! no im done im sorry

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[ ………. oh. wait. he's still (mildly) Very Confused but-- ]

And, ah, good morning.
Cold morning.

[ HELP. ]


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voice; DURING THE EVENT........

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Jack-kun! [ a complicated pause, because haru's not really sure what's going on, but it's freaking freezing in the apartment and he hasn't seen jack in a few days, and he's just confused and concerned and possibly prepared to be annoyed. ] .. Um. You haven't been by, have you? I wasn't sure if-- That is, I haven't.. uhh.. [ .. right. ]

--Is everything okay?

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VALENTINES DAY or the day after i guess h e h

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( On the kitchen table Sword Haus, most likely among the many other chocolates passively left by other spirits, there will be a simple origami box with Jack's name on it. Is it from a special someone...? Oh, it looks like there are other boxes with the names of other spirits and regulars as well. Clearly, this means Jack's been around enough to be considered part of a spirit family. Anyway, inside, there are two chocolate truffles.

… But there’s no other name attached to it to suggest who it might have come from! Strange, right? But who can complain after the weirdo shenanigans in Cereal these past few days?
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voice; 2/16 ic (after she figures out it's not maya...)

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Okay, if it isn't Maya, then it has to be you.

[At this point, she's given up and just sounds mostly amused. Mostly.]

Seriously? You couldn't have just dropped me a letter or something?


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This is Jack-san right?

[While Jack can't see it, it was clear that Takeru was messing around with the CereVice based on the amount of clicking going on]

Well...if it is, I wanted to say thank you again for helping me out and cheering me up! But where do you live? I have something to give to you!


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action. ugh me again, backdated to intro log ish

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[ new arrivals always bring a colorful bunch, and hiccup never expects anything or anyone in particular beyond a need to give out explanations, confused expressions when what he says sinks in. this round is no exception and, as it goes, he files through the usual: vivid tries to smack them in the face, ceres tries to make him seem crazy when he explains. that's his normal now.

( except. it's not often he lingers too long on anything he hears or anyone he meets, but pitch stuck in his mind for. various reasons. )

he ends up at the apartment later with toothless and cupcakes bought on a whim. it's customary, of course, to call out for a certain winter spirit when he ends up inside. the visits, though more common, probably, were about as predictable as the rest of his friend. which means... not at all, especially considering hiccup's place was always open to him. ]


[ are you here? if not, hiccup'll move to seek him out. ]

we'll see WE'LL SEE

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shoves out of my inbox

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Jack! Jack Jack Jack! I learned to use voicemail and I wanted to ask you something!

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Action-ish! LET'S TRY AGAIN

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[ Considering the doll that Jack left in his room was a mix of mud and ice, it wasn't all that difficult to realise who the culprit was. Research (or trying to stalk the other at least) led to him realising that Jack didn't have an apartment, didn't really have much of a base he called home, so it made things difficult to prank him back.

Shigeru had, thankfully, missed the doll but if he hadn't Merlin's almost certain he would have had a heart attack.

It's one day when he finds Jack sleeping up in a tree that he finally gets a genius idea. First, there's a soft murmur of "Swefe nu" as he puts the other into a deeper trance that's almost like sleep. It'll be the best rest he's had in a while, anyway.

That done his eyes focus on the branches and twigs themselves. Both of his hands are held up to focus his magic, his eyes flash then the vines twist until Jack is trapped in place.

Good luck getting out of that one!

If Jack looks carefully after, there will be a small symbol carved/burnt into the base of the tree. ]