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❅Application for [community profile] cerealia

Applicant Info

◎ Name: TF
◎ Journal: [personal profile] 2cool4guardian
◎ Contact: PM this journal or [plurk.com profile] totallyfangirl
◎ Current Character(s): n/a

Character Info

◎ Character's Name: Jack Frost
◎ Character's Canon: Rise of the Guardians
◎ Character's Age: 318 (looks 18)
◎ Canon Point: Post movie
◎ Background/History: Wiki link
◎ Is the character a hacker and/or do they have a sixth-sense? No.

◎ Personality: Jack Frost. Such a famous name, one would think everything about him has already been written. But myths are wrong in many places. Some times, at least. Other times they’re quite right. In this presentation of that myth, we find a young boy from the USA colonial era, the joker of his little town. He died saving his sister from drowning in a frozen lake, and such a heroic act caught the attention of the Man in Moon. MiM revived Jack as the winter spirit of the legends. For years, no human saw or heard of him because no one believed in him. But after a meeting with the Boogeyman (aka Pitch Black) and the Guardians of Childhood (Santa, the Easter Bunny, Sandman and the Tooth Fairy) he finally won some believers, and a new purpose in life: to be the Guardian of Fun and protect the children.

As cliche as it sounds, the phrase "at first sight" is perfect to start talking about Jack’s personality. He comes off as your general prankster who can't take anything seriously, but there's much more to him than that.

Let's start by saying that him being a prankster isn't completely incorrect. That's his center after all: fun. It's the most important thing, to live your life with a laugh. That said, that doesn't mean he doesn't acknowledge other people's problems. Jack is the older brother we all wish to have. He knows how to listen, and he'll offer his help too. He knows more about life that he may let on: how many hundred of years old is he again? An old man in a teenager's body. Jack's seen the good and the bad side of things, and knows better than to make fun of you if you're feeling down.

However, it’s important to clarify that young people are most likely to see that side of him. Children will get a gentle spirit who wants to help; adults will be met with sarcasm and snide comments. Jack isn’t a complete asshole and doesn’t want to hurt anybody, but he won’t hesitate to be mean either, especially if he doesn’t see anything wrong with it or thinks they deserve it. The other, good part about this (if we can call it that) is that if an adult does make a good impression, he’ll be doubly delighted. Anyone who does remember to keep their inner child and isn’t an outright serious grump is okay in his book.

Jack's also more mature that people give him credit for. Sure, he doesn't like responsibilities and he'd rather laugh than think. But here's the important part: he's aware of that. He's aware of the chaos he brings with him, and knows when to stay away when not needed. He refuses the Guardian position at first thinking he'll just be a bother, and it took a lot to convince him of the opposite. Not surprising, since he can be quite stubborn too. Stubborn and hot-headed. Him putting that stubbornness aside to admit that Bunny's actually awesome speaks highly of him too.

That hot head makes him quite an angered Guardian when he's pissed off. Don't mess with the children, don't mess with his fellow Guardians, and don’t mess with his winter. Jack protects those with all he has and he'll throw himself at whoever gets in the way, as we can see when they lose Sandy without him being able to do anything about it. When he’s angry and frustrated, or simply sad, he’s known to brood and sulk. He’s gone as far as flying to the one of the Poles to run away from a problematic situation. At times like that, he loses one old habit of his: talking to himself. He also tends to talk to the Moon or the Wind, but that’s just an “expansion” of having to talk to himself to prevent going crazy with loneliness. And talking about the devil…

The prankster, the big brother, the old man, the self-aware Guardian: under all that, there's one final Jack left: the lonely boy who wishes to be seen, to be loved. Jack's afraid of only one thing in this world, and that's never being seen. He has the kids from his hometown now, and we could count the Guardians too, but so many years of loneliness are hard to forget. It'll be a bit hard for him to form relationships with people, since he isn't used to being social and/or open, plus the fact he outlives every person he could've ever been interested in. The constant jokes and sarcasm will take a while to drop (if they do at all), and he likes his personal space too, thank you. Though North and Tooth have worked a bit on the last one, so random hugs (and mouth inspections!) aren't as surprising anymore.

◎ Powers/Abilities: Jack is the Spirit of Winter and Guardian of Fun. But what do those words even mean? Let's break them down.

Jack was a normal human that died and became a spirit thanks to the powers of the (Man in) Moon. Canon isn't very clear on what this entails, though, so this is mostly headcanon and up to discussion/corrections/caps/etc. As a spirit, Jack is a bit like a ghost, unseen by most people and barked at by animals. He doesn't need to eat, though he can do it anyway - sweet stuff is his favorite since he can't stand salt for obvious reasons. He doesn't need to sleep like people do, but when he uses too much power he needs to "recharge", so he falls in a sort of hibernating mode. He will never grow old and will forever look like a teen, and can't "die" of natural causes. That's how far his immortality goes, he still can still be "destroyed" by external magical sources. (I believe this fits the game's rules on immortality?) There's no heartbeat or need to breathe either (gestures like gasping being a human habit), and he's cold to the touch. Fire/heat is, of course, his biggest weakness.

Jack stands for the coldest season of the year, Winter, and that gives him quite an interesting list of powers. He can change the weather, conjuring snow days, storms and blizzards at will (his limits being nature itself fighting back). He can also create, bend and control the cold elements (snow, ice, frost), though he isn't in full control of his powers yet. We can see frost slipping under his hands and feet from time to time, and he uses his staff as a conduit. It's shown that he has untapped potential, and with the right push he's capable of producing ice-like lightning. The wind also answers to him, and he rides it like a snowboarder (the creators' fancy way of saying he can fly).

To guard, one needs to fight, and Jack sure knows how to do so. Side material describes his style as a mix of kendo and parkour, with his staff being his weapon of choice. It's an old shepherd's crook that he infuses with his own magic to make it stronger, and it's linked directly to him. He's fast and agile, pretty much an acrobat with excellent balance and aim. Being a Guardian also comes with a catch: people must believe in him or he'll disappear. Belief is also necessary to see and hear him in the first place. (As already discussed with the mods, the belief catch won't work in game, he'll be seen and heard by everyone.)

Blizzards and igloos aren't the only things Jack's winter magic can offer - his center is Fun and it shows in his powers. Shapes drawn in the frost, like bunnies, can be brought to life by him (simple animation, don't think personality or anything like that). And there's also the special kind of snow, the one he infuses with the very essence of fun, making it capable of changing a person's mood from sadness or grumpiness to playful. (This ability will never be used without permision of fellow players.)

◎ Weapons & Other Special Inventory:
-The clothes on his back.
-His shepherd's crook. It's a normal crook in the hands of anyone else, to Jack it's a conduit for his powers. Break it and you hurt him.
-The little Jack doll North gave him at the end of the movie.


◎ Element: Water (closest thing to ice/snow)
◎ Sense: Touch. Part of Jack's biggest issues is being walked through by people - he wants to be touched, to be hugged. Even if it'll be kinda hard to get used to it at first.
◎ Seven Character Traits:
Protective, self-aware, fun(ny)
- Bothersome, rash, erratic
~ Wary


◎ First-Person Sample: Have a bunch of links! one - two - three/four

◎ Third-Person Sample:

"Ouch. What the--"

Jack has come across many things in the sky through the decades - balloons, planes, satellites... A massive metal plate, however, is new. And painful, he thinks as he rubs his head. What is that thing? After experiencing the electrical zaps from the walls, he has a suspicion or two, but it can't hurt (more) to check.

He flies up again, carefully this time, and with a poke of his staff... yep. Nothing. The sky is off limits too. Jack groans in frustration - he doesn't like being limited like this. He's a free spirit (pun intended) who needs his daily quota of exploring.

This place gives Jack lots of mixed emotions, and he doesn't like feeling like that. Being seen by everyone has been wonderful, but at what price? Limitations on his freedom? Lack of contact with his fellow Guardians, the first friends he's ever made? And there aren't many kids around, not real kids at least. He can't stand those androids with their empty eyes. If the alien war story is true, not having children around is actually a good thing, but Jack misses them anyway.

Flying back to the city is done on his back so he can keep his eyes on the sky and the moon... well, moons to be exact. That's also new.

"Oh sure, I finally get full belief but you get a twin in return, huh? Can't let a guy have this one?"

Talking to the Man in Moon is an old habit of his - not getting an answer has never stopped him, and now having two of them won't stop him either. Jack wonders if this is a new test, which would still be very stupid (who would choose HIM to represent his world?) but MiM has never been one to make much sense in his opinion.

"If this is your idea of a joke, let me inform you that it sucks. I would know, I'm the expert on the subject."

He sticks his tongue out before jumping on his staff to surf his way back. Such a silly gesture, but there's a rebellious teen inside him that needs a power figure to fight against, and since the CERES people won't exactly appear around the corner to get their morning coffee, MiM will do in the meanwhile.

If this is truly a test, then he'll show them how he can pass it, but on his own terms. A swirl of his staff gets a blizzard going over the entertainment and pleasure districts - those grumpy adults will soon see what real fun is made of.

◎ Is your character retaining any previous game memories? No.


-Character development

No rules, no responsibilities. It's as good as it sounds. That's Jack's philosophy at the beginning of the movie. He's free and eternal, and he's going to use all that time to have some fun. The only problem? He's also alone. Other spirits consider him annoying, the Moon won't talk to him and kids can't see him, so under all the pranks and laughter there's a lonely and very frustrated boy that doesn't know why he's in this world.

When the Guardians approach him, we can see how bitter and wary he is. He's not Guardian material, why would they want him in the group? Responsibilities aren't his thing, and he's not going to bribe children like the others do. Because that's how he sees the Guardians: as people doing a JOB with icky deadlines instead of having fun and enjoying kids' company.

Despite his initial reluctance, Jack finds himself helping them fight Pitch Black, aka the Boogeyman. That allows him to see the other side of the Guardians, and a new side of himself too. Their company isn't so bad, what they do has a deeper meaning and impact than he first thought, and it turns out he's the one that actually remembers how to treat the kids. Maybe he can do this, maybe he isn't as inadequate as he thought. Their little adventure is fun, he has to admit. And he's making friends! Socializing! How amazing is that?

Everything goes to hell when he screws up thanks to Pitch's trap. He's alone again, turned down by his peers and not even trying to deny he screwed up badly when it comes to the precious kids. It hurts more now than ever before because he has started to allow himself to care about the Guardians and have hope about his future with the children. The only reason he manages to escape Pitch's manipulation is thanks to his wish of being accepted for who he is, not feared, and for the first time in three centuries, Jack gives up... until he recovers his memories.

We can see how important that is for him because he doesn't even care about the fact he died. He finally has the answers he's been looking for. He had a family, he was loved, he protected his sister, he knows why the Moon chose him... this is it, his place in this world.

He IS a Guardian.

Jack finally comes to terms with who he is and what he's meant to do, and that earns him a wonderful reward: his first believer, Jamie. The Guardians also accept him back and, all together, they manage to defeat Pitch as a team.

By the end of the movie, Jack is totally fine with taking the Guardian oath and accepting responsibilities in his life - they're worth it, they're what he wants to do: to protect the children of the world. His philosophy is still all about keeping things fun, now he just knows how to be responsible about it and help the greater good. He'll need some time to get used to the idea of having "coworkers", so to speak, but it's not a big deal. He has a purpose and believers now, and with those, he's ready to move on.


Jack hasn't formed many bonds in three centuries of a life as a spirit. The rest of the magical world considers him annoying and avoids him, and people can't see him because they don't believe in him. Children are the closest thing he has to play dates, and they easily become his favorite humans to try to contact.

Besides the kids, there are two constants in Jack's relationships through the ages: the wind, who isn't really sentient but Jack considers him his buddy anyway, and the one that brought him to the world: the Man in Moon. To put it in simple words, Jack is very angry at him for only telling him his name and then leaving him alone without explanations. The reasons why he was chosen become clear when he recovers his memories, so Jack understands a bit better now. But he will forever resent MiM for not doing something about it before.

Then there is the Guardians. He knows how important they are in mythology and how much children love them - Jack probably feels a bit of envy, to be honest. However, his first impression of them isn't the best. He calls them "hard work and deadlines" and implies their gifts are bribes; there's also the fact they don't really interact with the kids as much as they should. Fighting together and seeing their centers in action is how Jack gets to know them better and even befriend them - the Guardians earn his respect and end up adopting him in their little pseudo family.

The one he's known for a while is the Easter Bunny, and Jack can't stand him very much at first. They're opposites: Bunny brings spring to send his winter away and he can be a bit grumpy, which calls Jack's prankster nature. They get to see a new side of each other while working together, and before Easter they admit they aren't that bad after all. Their relationship will forever be filled with little arguments and teasing, but at least they accept being partners now.

North is Jack's father figure, the one person this rebel spirit will listen to. The man believed in him since the beginning, and that's something Jack truly appreciates. A guide appears while he's feeling lost in life? Yes please! Besides, questionable methods aside, he's still motherfucking Santa Claus, the joy in winter holidays. And that's simply too cool not to like.

Sandy isn't always easy to understand, but Jack likes him anyway. He's the Guardian with the most similar methods to Jack's, in a way: he still hangs out with the kids and his dream sand is just fun. Jack will forever feel guilty for not saving him from Pitch's arrows.

Tooth is adorable and gives him all the hugs and attention he's always wanted... but she can also be a bit overwhelming with her affection. Her crush on his teeth makes him a bit uncomfortable, a fact obvious to anyone watching but not admitted to her out loud. She's so understanding and gentle, Jack doesn't want to hurt her feelings, and her becoming some kind of affectionate sister sounds like a great future for them.

That's for the Guardians. The other important people that he's finally bonding with are the children, precious young souls that make his day and fall under his protection. His favorite is Jamie, his first believer. It'll be difficult not to spoil that kid rotten, Jack adores him and doesn't think he'll be capable of saying no to him. For being so special, Jamie gets extra attention and visits from the winter spirit.

Lastly but not less important, there's the bad guy, Pitch Black. His situation gets some sympathy from Jack - he knows how hard it is not to be believed in after all. And the Boogeyman tries to manipulate that sympathy, those insecurities, almost managing to get Jack on his side... and fails, because everything Pitch stands for are things Jack doesn't approve of: darkness, fear, and forcing their way onto the kids instead of earning their belief. Pitch Black killed Sandy, took the Guardian's powers and tried to cover the world in darkness - for all that and more, Jack considers him an enemy.

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